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Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (JoLIS) is a peer-reviewed journal that deals with the fields of Library and Information Science and serving since 1969. The journal publishes various forms of data including articles, book reviews, letters, reviews and editorial material, etc. The study aims at highlighting the research productivity of JoLIS. Bibliometric data of JoLIS have been collected through Core Collection and Web of Science. VOSviewer, Biblishiny, and MS Excel spreadsheet were used to analyze the data. This bibliometric study explores the exact figures of publications, types of documents, year-wise distribution of published documents, frequency distribution of specific productivity, top 10 highly cited articles, bibliographic coupling of organizations, document productions from different countries, and the most used author’s keywords. This study presents a comprehensive overview of the content of JoLIS, and a systematic analysis of its research productivity from 1999 to 2019. Moreover, this study provides a methodological framework for the research productivity of this journal in future.