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This study aims a bibliometric analysis of the 100 top-cited articles extracted from the Web of Science database on the topic of information security in the business context. A retrospective method was applied to the dataset extracted from the Web of Science Database. A total of 500 most cited items were downloaded and the authors selected the articles related to information security and business for further analysis. It was found that the top-cited papers were published between the years 1990 and 2018 and had received 3,375 citations. While most of the articles followed the three-author pattern, the single author pattern articles had received the maximum citation impact. Cybersecurity policies were recognized as the most researched topic and the majority of articles had been published in Quartile-1 journals. Furthermore, the majority (67%) of the articles were published in journals having impact factors ranging from 2.3 to 6.95. The Journal of Management Information System was found to top the list of most prolific journals with 13 articles. This study identifies the trends and patterns of research publications on information security in the business. This evaluation is likely to develop awareness in understanding the scope and coverage of information security from a business perspective. The findings of this study have highlighted the various parameters of highly cited articles on information security published during the last three decades. The results might support new researchers’ interest in information security in the context of businesses.