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Summer 4-8-2021

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Antioxidant helps to reduce various disorders and control pathological conditions such as cancer, aging, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, immune system decline, and brain dysfunction etc. In this study, the top 200 highly cited articles (citations 327,657) with total 647 authors were retrieved from Elsevier’s Scopus database (105,440 hits) by the keyword “antioxidant” published across the worldwide for the timespan 1976-2020 years. The data were analysed through bibliometric indicators by using VOSviewer and biblioshiny tools to explore various parameters i.e. keywords co-occurrence, authors contribution, highly cited journals, affiliations/organization engaged and worldwide collaboration. In the year 2001 and 1996, maximum number of articles were published 19 and 17 respectively. In total, 2,312 keywords, most occurrence keyword was polyphenol derivative. Rice-Evans, Prior and Miller were contributed maximum number of articles 9, 8 and 7 respectively. Out of 94, J. Agric Food Chem. was the dominating journal for the study. The higher frequency of collaboration was observed in the USA. This article will confined very prominent and widely covered area on the subject matter on Antioxidant in food science and technology domain. The confined and significant data in this article will definitely useful for research community.