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Summer 3-1-2021


We examined scientific production of the astroviruses study community done the past two decades in the worldwide. Scientometric methods, particularly the literature development models, Document types, Most Global Cited Documents, Most Frequent Words, Authors collaboration, Author Impact (h-index, g-index, m-index), Most Local Cited Authors, Relevant Countries by Corresponding Author, Most Cited Countries, Most Relevant Affiliations are identified. The results of this study confess that the scientific literature on astroviruses in worldwide had grown-up exponentially with an annual growth rate of about 8.86% during the above declared period. Journal of medical virology were the most productive journals contributing 71 articles of the total publications. Infection children, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, identification, astrovirus, rotavirus. The USA produced maximum number (222) of articles as it has highest frequency (0.20%), single country publication (165), multiple country publications (57) and ratio of multiple country publication (026%) ranked first. 24 number of papers published from single-authored documents and 4570 number of papers published from multi-authored documents. Kramer A has got the highest citation (994 and Total Citation per Year: 66.27%), average citations per documents 26.17 percentage and average citations per year per documents 2.64 of during period.