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e-Learning is considered to be one of the most relevant topics to discuss in this study because the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the implementation of teaching and learning to be carried out from home. This study was conducted by using Scientometrics analysis method, which is also known as bibliometric analysis. This analysis was carried out to determine how the development of scientific publications in the e-Learning field in Indonesia. The data in this study were collected by searching through the Scopus database with keywords: (TITLE-ABS-KEY(elearning) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(e-learning) AND AFFILCOUNTRY(indonesia)) and the data were taken on March 20, 2021. The results of the study indicated that (1) the publication of Indonesian articles related to e-Learning increased significantly in 2018-2020 in the Scopus database; (2) on the map of the development of e-Learning publications based on co-authors, there were 24 research clusters obtained; (3) dominant publications were published in the Journal of Physics Conference Series by 32.88%; and (4) the productive writer of the publication was Santoso, H.B. (49 articles), which was subsequently followed by Hasibuan, Z.A. (24 articles).