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Not all learning sources can directly and cheaply be presented, so augmented reality media is needed to be applied to students with various talents and intelligence. This study aims to analyze students’ multi-representation ability through the use of augmented reality media. The research method was carried out through pre-experiment with one group posttest only design. Test question items were given to see the students’ multi-representation ability. Data analysis was carried out through the percentage of the number of students achieving test scores of more than or equal to 80 on a scale of 100. The results showed that 88% (28 students) were around 88%, 28 students out of 32 students reached a score range of 80-100. A score achieved between 60-79 was 3% (1 student), and scores of less than 60 were around 9% (3 students). This shows that learning through augmented reality media is effective in improving students’ multi-representation ability