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Prediction of stocks and the prices of the stock is one of the most crucial points of discussion amongst the researchers and analysts in the financial domain to date. Every stakeholder and most importantly the investor desires to earn higher profit for his investment in the market and try to use several different strategies to invest their money. There are numerous methods to predict and analyse the movement of the stock prices. They are broadly divided into – statistical and artificial intelligence-based methods. Artificial intelligence is used to predict the futuristic prices of stocks and use wide range of algorithms like – SVMs, CNNs, LSTMs, RNNs , etc. This bibliometric study focusses on the study based primarily on the Scopus database. We have considered important keywords, authors, citations along with the correlations between the co-appearing authors, source titles and keywords with the use of network diagrams for visualisation. On the basis of this paper, we conclude that there is ample opportunity for research in the domain of financial market.