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The purpose of this study is to provide an assessment of information services provision in accordance with the CUE guidelines, examining the challenges faced in providing information services and identifying suggestions for service improvement. The study was conducted in four public University Libraries in the Western region of Kenya. The study targets undergraduate students, lecturers and library staff. Descriptive survey research design is adopted in the study. Generalisability of the results of this study is a major limitation since the research does not target all public university libraries in Kenya. Data was collected through structured questionnaires, interviews, document analysis and observation. Data from the questionnaires was quantitatively analysed and the qualitative data from the interviews was transcribed and themes organised and presented based on the responses. Public university libraries in Kenya are characterized with inadequacy in information services, allocated budget, facilities, equipment and personnel. Respondents urgued that there is inadequate funding and their library budgets had not met the threshold of 10% of the institution’s operational budget as stipulated by Commission for University Education(CUE) standards, lack enough reference books (31.1 percent), inadequate library space(24.9 percent), slow internet connection(23.0 percent), lack of Computers (12 percent) poor customer service (3.3 percent) and unfriendly staff (2.5 percent). The study recommended for additional budget to add on to acquisition of information resources, recruit staff and provide sustainable services. In conclusion, beside adhering to the CUE standards and guidelines in the provision of information services, the libraries are proactive in providing user centered services.