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The Library Quarterly (LQ) is an academic journal that covers various fields of education including library science. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, serving from 1931 with quarterly frequency. LQ publishes various document types’ cutting-edge articles, book reviews, editorial material, biographical items, and reviews. This analysis is meant to find out the present status of exploration on LQ publications. The interest in this field can be drawn from an expanding number of academic works here but lack of research in this timespan is the reason for this analysis. The main objective of this research was to explore the documents published in this time frame from 2010-2019 in LQ. The current study utilized the bibliometric technique for getting information about The Library Quarterly. Bibliometric data collected through Web of Science Core Collection and VOSviewer, Biblioshiny, MSExcel, etc. tools used for bibliometric analysis. The study evaluates that a total (469) documents published in this timespan in LQ. The highest trend of publication is articles and book reviews 213(45.416%), and the second popular publication is editorial material 36(7.676%). This research affirms that LQ has been globally involved to research support services. This paper is significant for all researchers and educationists who need to see the contemporary trends of publications in the LQ journal and to look forward to further studies in this area.