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In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic situation, hoax news emerged that made people panic and make wrong decisions. The emergence of this hoax is because many people are not literate with information, so they trust all the information entered. People also do not have the social awareness to filter the information they get. This study aims to describe the level of literacy of the digital community towards COVID19 information measured on the internet. The research method used is a descriptive type with a survey method. The research location was in East Java, with a total of 500 respondents consisting of several segmentations of people who actively use the internet as a source of information. The results of this study indicate that the digital literacy level for COVID19 information is good with an average value of 3.69. Of the five dimensions of digital literacy that are used as the highest measuring tool of the very high ethical awareness dimension, the second position is the media evaluation dimension, the third is a media production, the fourth is media access, and the fifth is media awareness.