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Present study covered four selected deemed university library users in Andhra Pradesh. Questionnaires were circulated 1164 library users (nearly 20 percent of the Universe), (faculty members, research scholars and post graduate students) out of whom 1030 responses were received represent representing 88 percentage. The RSVP library is not subscribing online resources because is not a technical University, so the investigator give up the responses of RSVP for using online resources. The study covered only 805 responses from three university libraries for using electronic resources. Different types of electronic resources are either subscribed or purchased by the libraries of GITAM, KL and VU as per the requirement of various colleges, institutes and departments in the university. The found that majority of users are found to be using IEEE database, EBSCO database, DELNET Database, Springer, DELNET Database in libraries. Majority of users not using properly the following databases ASCE, ASME, ASTM, Emerald Database, Oxford University Press Database, Taylor & Francis Database, JGATE database, JSTOR Database, McGraw-Hill Access Engineering Database, NPTL & SONET Videos service. User Opinion about Effectiveness of electronic resources shows majority of users considered it as somewhat effective. The study observed the coverage of use of electronic resources especially online databases subscription is low in the libraries surveyed. In order to improve their use the library should organize sensitization programmes in the form of product demonstrations, tutorials and hands-on training to train the users in exploiting online resources available to them for their academic and research pursuits.