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Winter 5-1-2021


The paper seeks to investigate Cataloguing Education (CE) in the era of 4IR and evolving technology with the observation that cataloguing is the core of any library service, without which there could be confusion in the retrieval of library information sources. Therefore, CE should equip students with skills that will enable them to work comfortably during any industrial revolution. Furthermore, 4IR entails transformation of humankind, and industries are now compelled to reconsider their ways of doing business to be in par with the economic world. Moreover, the exponential growth of information resources on the Internet and the World Wide Web has necessitated the need for more effective approaches for organising information to achieve improved resource discovery. The study used desk research. Findings indicated that although online cataloguing is included in the CE, courses as programming, coding, software developments, elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cataloguing, etc. were not included. The study recommended a shift in CE to accommodate the 4IR demand.

Keywords: Cataloguing, Cataloguing Education, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Cataloguing Curriculum, 4IR