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Spring 5-31-2021



The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the dimensions of the LibQUAL model on customer loyalty. The study uses the LibQUAL+TM to measure the level of library service quality of a public university library in Ghana. The study was conducted using a university library users as respondents. From the findings, apart from Library as place, all dimensions of the LibQUAL+TM were found to affect library customer loyalty. Service affect was found to be the strongest predictor of library customer loyalty. One implication of this study is that the management of libraries must continuously improve the service quality of services delivered in an attempt to improve the reuse of libraries. Also, the measure of service quality using the LibQUAL+TM enables library management to assess user’s perception of library services, and also to detect gaps. This study contributes to the literature on using the LibQUAL+TM to measure service quality and provides empirical evidence on the effect of library service quality on library customer loyalty.