Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Library is one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern education system. University libraries in the present era are providing high quality digital information to the user community. Most of the university libraries have either their own library website or integrated it into the home page of the parent organization. They are the channels that link library patrons with its resources and services and provide unique opportunities for the users to judge its relevance to them. Digital libraries have integrated all the resources into its website and the majority of the services can be accessed online. In order to provide the best services to the users, library websites should be vibrant and the contents should match the information needs of the users. Periodic evaluation of library websites will help the authorities to improve its effectiveness. In the present study, contents of thirteen central university library websites in India have been analysed using 29 standard checklists. They are ranked based on the assessment of the result and a few suggestions are recommended to make the websites more users friendly. Analysis revealed that variations are found in the websites and the librarians have to put more efforts to standardize it on par with other international library websites. The study will be more useful to the librarians, website designers and policy makers in improving their websites.