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Magazine of Civil Engineering (MCE) is an open access scientific journal in the field of civil engineering and construction. Motivated by its more than a thousand articles published since 2008, this study aims to develop a bibliometric analysis based on the historical consolidation of publications and subject areas to identify research trends, authors, countries, and institutions with more publications. For this purpose, the Scopus database and the journal's homepage were consulted to identify the number of published issues and articles and other bibliometric indicators of interest, using open-source tools such as Bibliometrix and VOSviewer. The mapping of the scientific production of MCE allowed to visualize the networks of co-occurrence of keywords; co-authorship between authors, countries, and institutions, and in this way identify collaboration networks and the social and intellectual organization of scientific communities. According to its positive evolution in terms of the number of publications over time, some of the most exciting findings reflect the growing interest in publishing in MCE, its positive evolution in terms of the number of publications.



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