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Winter 3-30-2021


Land use optimization is a major concern as the world's population grows at an exponential rate. Surface land is already being depleted at an alarming pace. As a result, buildings can be constructed safely underground, allowing for more productive land use. The primary goal of this paper is to perform a bibliometric review of the literature related to Underground Construction in order to determine the growth of Underground Construction as a method of energy or land optimization in recent years. Between 1975 and 2020 is the time span considered for this survey. The results of the Scopus database are the primary subject of bibliometric research in this article. External tools such as iMapBuilder and VOSviewer are used to visualise data. The research is intended to show the need for Underground Construction in the modern world. The study's findings highlight the scarcity of underground construction research and the need for additional research. The findings of this study are made possible by a method for systematic research in underground construction.



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