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Summer 5-19-2021


This scientometric study investigates the current state of various studies on the Islamic moral economy published by journals equipped with a digital-object-identifier. The analysis is focused on descriptions of the characteristics and trends of keywords, authors and journals. The data analyzed were 182 research publications in Dimensi ( The search used to determine the research dataset was last updated on January 9, 2021. Descriptive statistical methods were used, and bibliometric analysis was performed using the R Biblioshiny to determine the bibliometric map. The number of articles discussing the theme of the Islamic moral economy is quite large in recent years. Many journals publish this theme, among which the most are JES (Islamic Economics Journal) which contains several authors who research this theme with various keywords. The most productive writer is Asutay M. The most popular keywords used are 'Islamic, economy, moral'. This study provides an overview of trends in topics, keywords, journals and writers in the most popular articles on the theme of Islamic moral economy, thus providing information for researchers who focus on research in this field. This theme has the potential to continue to be developed.