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Winter 4-6-2021

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Pandemic situation and subsequent lockdown had forced the education system to make use of ICT tools as an alternative to continue studies. With the advent of technological advancement especially in terms of the usage of internet and web based technologies; the traditional classroom based education is posed with disruptive innovations in the way the education is delivered to the student community. The present study tries to analyze the situation in the higher education teaching due to the pandemic situation by evaluating the various pedagogies adopted along with their opportunities and respective challenges. Comparative analyses of the various methods, portals which are based on the ICT are evaluated. Several directions are given by the regulatory bodies in promoting the ICT based model of education and few gaps are identified through the SWOT analyses in the existing virtual classroom applications. It is being observed that there is a need to have a comprehensive policy to bridge the identified gaps persistent in the traditional teaching pedagogies after a decent consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the ICT based models that are in existence.