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Objective: This study aimed to conduct a bibliometric analysis and scientific visualization of the contribution made by Iranians' authors in the Library Philosophy and Practice (LPP) from 2006 to 2019.

Material and Methods: This bibliometric analysis used Scopus database for retrieving data on all papers published by Iranians in LPP during the study time span. VOSviewer and Microsoft Excel software packages were used for data analysis.

Findings: Out of 139 papers authored by Iranians in LPP, the first published paper belonged to 2006. An increasing trend can be seen in annual publication number, with 1 and 64 papers in 2007 and 2019, respectively. The first ranked active author was Khasseh A.A. with 9 papers. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Payame Noor University were in the top of the contributing institutes, each with authoring 20 papers followed by Islamic Azad University, Central with 13 papers. Iranian more collaborated with Indians. The mean rate of received citations per paper was 0.62. The top three highly-cited authors were Isfandyiari-Moghaddam, A. (with 13), Khasseh A.A. and Saberi M.K. (each with 11) and Biranvand (with 10), respectively. Citing some known journals in their papers, Iranian researchers considered main topics in LIS field, including bibliometrics, altmetrics and library management and technologies.

Conclusion: This study is a relatively comprehensive bibliometric analysis of Iranians' contributions to LPP. The result can be helpful as a road map for researchers and readers countrywide as well as the editorial team of the journal.