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Summer 4-15-2021



The purpose of the study is to investigate the use of the internet and digital information sources among the graduate and under graduate students in Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Library, because most of medical students are exposed to personal tabs throughout their education.


The study aimed at identifying the adequacy of digital information sources, the purpose and frequency of using digital resources and the dependency of the students on digital sources. The suggestion has been given to strengthen the digital sources and services. Internet evolution is injecting more competition into publishing and giving power back to students working in colleges. It presents new challenges to the students of the archive and could yet spell the end for many print documents.


The Study uses a survey questionnaire to obtain data from the sample. The total sample consists of 300 students studying at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore, India.


Findings of the study show that 100% of participants are using the internet since last year (53%) for finding relevant information (94%). In addition to this highest of respondents who use digital information, sources are e-newspapers 94.66% greatest and the next place is for medical science e-articles available on the internet i.e., 87.33%.