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Additive Manufacturing has wide application range including healthcare, Fashion, Manufacturing, Prototypes, Tooling etc. AM techniques are subjected to various defects that may be printing defects or anomalies in machine. There is gap between current AM techniques and smart manufacturing since current AM lacks in build sensors necessary for process monitoring and fault detection. Both of these issues can be solved by incorporating real-time monitoring into AM. So the study is carried out to identify recent work done in AM to improve current system. For this bibliometric study Scopus database is used, study is kept limited to year 2010-2021 and English language for recent trend analysis. Total of 1483 documents are analyzed based on author co-authors, keyword, geographical area, funding sponsor, affiliation, subject area, source title and citation count. The study is also focused on use of ML for fault detection in AM, types of monitoring methods, challenges and future direction of AM in smart manufacturing.