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This work aimed at demonstrating India’s scientific contribution on Covid-19 research and analyzes the emerging research pattern using various bibliometric parameters.


Indian publications data on Covid-19 research were retrieved from SCOPUS database using structured query. VOSviewer & CiteSpace data visualization tools are used to generate citation, co-citation map and keyword clusters for better understanding of the research pattern. The leading institutions, most productive journal, prominent researchers are identified and analyzed further to reflect the collaborative nature.

Key Findings

Between January to September, 2020, a total of 3465 research documents were published pertaining to Covid-19. A larger share of the documents published in domain of Medicine 2185 (67.44%) followed by Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology 532(16.42%) and Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics 232(7.16%). The ‘Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research and Reviews’ publish maximum research document 102(2.94%). Dr. V Wiwanitkit found to be the most prolific contributor while AIIMS, New Delhi has become the leading institution in producing the maximum research 266(7.68%). The USA, England & China are found to be the most favored countries for research collaboration


This study provides significant findings of Covid-19 research carried out by Indian scientists. The results are beneficial for researcher and practitioner in India and worldwide for understanding the pattern of research on Covid-19 and identifying the potential collaborator.