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This study was conducted to investigate the adoption of ICT by libraries of teacher training colleges of education located in northern Ghana. The study an area covers five administrative regions located in northern Ghana. These are the Northern Region, North East Region, Upper East Region, Savanna Region and Upper West Region. The survey method was used and questionnaire was used as data gathering tool. Copies of the questionnaire were issued to eight librarians of the eight teacher college libraries in the study area. Findings of the study revealed that the adoption of ICT by libraries of teacher training colleges of education located in northern Ghana was still a new phenomenon and therefore in a conception stage. The study also revealed that although the libraries use ICT in the provision of some services these services were inadequate because of some challenges such as inadequate funding, lack of skilled staff, and the lack of support from management. The study recommended that ICT literacy training should be given to college librarians since ICT is a dynamic environment which needs constant practice and training. It was also recommended that management of teacher colleges of education provide adequate support to the libraries by equipping them with modern ICT tools such as computers, printers and scanners to support their house keeping activities. The study also recommended that college librarians go on attachment programmes to understudy librarians in mainstream university libraries in order to learn the best practices in modern librarianship.



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