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A catalogue is the window of the library resources. This paper discusses the multilingual cataloguing of books in the Malayalam language and the various multilingual catalogue patterns in the top University Libraries of Kerala state. The study has also given keen importance to the issues related to information retrieval of the Malayalam books. The paper is trying to identify the cataloguer's problems when he/she is doing the non-English book's catalogue, especially Malayalam books. It reveals that, with the latest technological tools, a cataloguer can develop a better catalogue collection that will be more user-friendly. It leads to an increase in the usage of catalogue and increases in the user's reading habits. The reaching of the multilingual catalogue is larger than a normal catalogue. The paper identifies that most of the universities are following different MARC tags for multilingual cataloguing. The standardisation and the implementation of multilingual cataloguing rules are essential for better utilisation of the OPAC and books. The multilingual catalogue of non-English books will increase the visibility of the books. The standardisation and the cooperation among the university libraries will help the public libraries to organise their resources systematically.