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Spring 4-14-2021


The Remaining Useful Life of a machine is very useful statistical information for the operator and manufacturer. It provides a very clear perspective to the user how long the machine can be operated and if any faults are detected how can they be prevented and ultimately increase the Remaining Useful Life. If the operators are aware of the forthcoming issues of the machine the downtime caused in the inspection, part delivery and eventually replacing parts is significantly reduced.

The paper presents a study on the remaining useful life of machinery as it is an emerging technique, starting from the year 2010 to the current year of 2021. The bibliometric research is carried out using the Scopus database and software such as the VOS Viewer and GPS Visualizer. The study tells that the maximum publications are from articles and conference papers affiliated to remaining useful life, Chinese lead the publication followed by the United States and then France. Remaining useful lives is the most used keyword followed by forecasting and the least contributing keywords are also found.