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Summer 2021


In this paper statistical analysis of literature on “Analysis of Laminated Beams” using Scopus and Web of Science database is done. Reason behind bibliometric study of literature is to understand the extent of research in this particular area. Since Scopus and Web of Science indexing are known as the most reliable sources amongst all the peer reviewed journals, literature from Scopus and Web of Science database only is taken into consideration. Benchmarks used for the analysis are publications in a year, published articles of different authors, citations of authors etc. Considered period is from 2000 to 2020. It is found that amongst 3040 documents published in Scopus during this span there are 2152 articles, 727 conference papers, 34 book chapters. Total 5568 documents are published in Web of Science. For both indexing field of engineering has acquired major part of the publications. China is observed to be the leading country in research with 619 publications in this span. All these things definitely point out towards growing potential for research in the field of laminated composites.