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Summer 5-10-2021


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The novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) is one of the most infectious diseases that primarily affect the lungs, which inflicted huge losses to the human beings of the globe. As its spread savagely, the literature of is also proliferated within a few months. It is the prime duty of this study to map the different aspects of this scientific literature by applying scientometrics techniques. The data related to this study are recorded in the Web of Science core collection, since the origin of the dreadful virus to January 2, 2021. Thus, 55049 articles have been published on COVID-19 in 22518 journals, originating from 194 countries. Networks of contributing authors, institutions, countries and source titles were visualized in maps using VOS viewer software, which highlight discrete developments in research collaborations. Wang Y from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China is the leading author in the field with 220 (0.40%) articles. The United States of America (USA) is the leading country with (29.92%) in terms of research productivity. In addition to this, over 35015 institutions contributed in corona virus research, and Hardvard University, USA (68) has recorded highest h-index. The study showed a positive correlation between the grants awarded to the research laboratories and their research productivity. The paper provides quantitative analysis on the leading institutions and individual researchers who are significantly contributing to the COVID-19 research productivity at the global level.