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The main purpose of this paper is to investigate students’ perceptions and attitudes towards the usage of ICT and its challenges in the higher educational institutions of Balochistan. A convenient sampling method was used to select 420 students from the top 6 higher educational institutions of Balochistan. Moreover, a Lickert-based closed-ended questionnaire was used for data collection purposes. The collected data were analyzed in SPSS Software. The results showed that 150 (39.5%) respondents were using ICT for academic events and 142 (37.4%) respondents were using ICT for their assignment completion. Furthermore, the study also highlighted some major challenges preventing students from using ICT are such as, 139 (36.6%) electricity failures, 150 (39.5%) leakage of privacy, and 120 (31.6%) lack of training and178 (46.8%) the poor internet connectivity. The study also suggests steps that if taken would ensure better use of ICT and, in the long run, would establish a stable and productive relationship between ICT and student academic performance.