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From an HRM standpoint, the better an organisation is able to manage their workforce, the better their performance will be. In doing so, social media nowadays play a major role to this end. Be it talent acquisition, employee engagement, talent management or enhancing employer value proposition, social media profiles are playing a big role for organisations. The onus of which lies to a large extent on the shoulders of the HR department. Merely having pages on social media platforms do not suffice. Proper management and audience engagement become the key for HR. It is not sufficient to just have a page on main social media platforms. A blend of Social Media, HR practices and a perfect strategy to implement these functionalities can help organizations reach their goals. Lot of research is being done in this direction and this paper sought to evaluate the same. Through systematic searches from Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar database, the data was analyzed and represented through prisma charts, tree diagrams and graphical representations pertaining to the research that has been done in the area of social media and HR.