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Summer 4-16-2021


The present study attempts to highlight the research output generated at the Global level in women's empowerment research during the study period 2011-2020. A total number of 4511 documents has been retrieved from the Web of Science database. The study focuses on various aspects of the Women's Empowerment research such as the growth of publications, most relevant sources, most prolific authors, document types, corresponding authors country, authors keywords, most relevant affiliations involved. The highest number of publications is in 2020 with 763 records, but the lowest number of publications in 2011 i.e. with 231 records. The majority of publications were written by Yount KM 33 articles. The USA was found to be leading the research with 1563 articles. This study indicates the growth of Women's Empowerment research across the global perspective of citation count, collaboration rate, and so on. This study is based on the Web of Science (WoS) database. Further research using other databases such as Scopus, PubMed, Chemical abstract, and could be attempted.