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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 9 p.


The study investigated gender difference in attitudes of students towards the use of electronic resources in university libraries of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Gender issue has become a widely discussed phenomenon in higher education sector. How has gender affected the use of electronic information resources among students since this format of resources has become commonly available in university libraries? It is against this background that the researchers investigated how gender difference has affected the attitudes of students towards the use of these resources. The objectives of the study were to determine the types of e-resources, use of e-resources, purpose of using e-resources, how students acquire their search skills, and whether there is significant difference between male and female students’ attitudes towards the use of e-resources in the university libraries under study. Survey research was used. The target population was 5,269 students and a sample of 1,053 out of which 724 responded to the questionnaire which comprises of 496 male students and 228 female students that were used for the study. Descriptive and inferential statistics (t-test) was used for the analysis of data collected. The major findings revealed that the resources are used mainly for research and assignments. Students acquire theirs search skills through friends and colleagues and library instructions. There exists statistical difference between male and female students’ attitudes towards the use of e-resources. The mean value of 23.5302 for male students is greater than that of female 21.4693 Recommendations made include: sustaining the acquisition of e-resources, periodic training of students and female students should develop positive attitudes towards the use of e-resources to enhance their academic pursuits.



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