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In recent decay, the scientometric study is one of the major research areas in scholarly communication. Researchers have conducted their research in the scientometric field from different core subject areas. Using bibliographic records on a scientometric field from the SCOPUS database, this paper tries to give a complete view of the evaluation of Indian research in the domain of scientometric. From 2010-2019 researchers have published 41462 publications out of the 334 number publications belongs to the scientometric domain of Indian research. Researchers have critically analyzed the collected data on various aspects like year-wise publication, author collaboration, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, collaborative coefficient (CC), leading authors, productive journal, state-wise production in India, and mostly used keyword. The finding of the study disclosed that the maximum number of articles (97) published in the year 2019 with 222 citations. In the year 2015 got the highest number of citations (355) from only 31 publications. The highest number of articles are two-authored (140) followed by three-authored (89) and single-authored (54) respectively, and the average number of authors per article is 2.13. In respect of state-wise production, New Delhi has stood the first position with 191 publications. The word "scientometric” is the most used keyword and the top productive journal is Library Philosophy and Practice (114).



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