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This article carried out a Scientometric analysis of research publications published in various science and technology journals from 2011 to 2020 from India. Required data was retrieved from WoS database during the study period it provides information about the science and technology related publications from India. Especially, scientific data on the top research areas and distribution of publication collaborations in different dimensions of geography, authors, funding agencies, subjects and others.

It examines the year wise publications, annual distribution of publications, most prolific authors, authors and organisations productivity, etc. Analysis found that, highest research publications are published in the year 2019 with 13.16%, followed by 2020 with 12.98% and in the year 2018 with 11.51%. Research articles are published 81.51% compared to any other type of publications from all over India. 88% of the research fund is provided by the Government of India, and remaining are from the western world among the top ten funding agencies. Out of top ten journals, seven (76%) of them are originated from India, two are from United Kingdom and one journal is from United States of America. During the study period, it is observed that, a mean relative growth rate is 0.26. Notably, the doubling time for the publications has decreased from 0.35 in the first five years to 0.17 in the last five years. Publications are raised on an average of 4.72% per year. On the whole, 208 countries collaborators contributed to these publications.