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Summer 6-15-2021


This study examined the different link structures and web presence of agricultural digital repositories of Europe through webometric indicators. The Google search engine was used in this study to collect data. Different web impact factors and WISER index values have been calculated. The correlation between the WISER rank and Inlink impact factor of these websites is calculated. And found that CaSA NaRA occupied the first position with 90.2% SWIF presence amongst 89 digital agricultural repositories in Europe. Bioversity International Publications ranks first position with 238000 Web Pages and 4950000 in-link web pages and 207.983193 RWIF. UM's institutional repository of the Library of the University of Malta occupied the first rank with 21.09104 followed by FA document Repositories and Digital repositories of the National Spanish Research Council, Spain regarding the WISER index value of IDR websites. The correlation i.e. +0.03839462 found between the WISER and WIF (in-links) which denotes there have much closeness between these two methods. So findings of this study will help students, professionals, researchers to identify and compare the qualitative websites of agricultural repositories in Europe for their information needs.



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