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Dear Editor, We are very much happy to publish our research paper in your esteemed journal "Library Philosophy and Practice, please accept our request and publish in the upcoming issue sir, please.


On the basis of the Web of Science database, through scientometrics, quantitative and qualitative research was conducted on hydrogel literature produced globally. A total of 2531 publications and 48,157 citations were received to these publications during 2011 - 2020. It was found that the number of published articles was higher in the USA, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, England, Peoples R China, etc. The highest number of publications 4, 34 (17.147%) was published in 2020. The highest number of citations 6176 was received in 2013. The majority of the researcher used journal articles 2317 (91.545%) and the majority of articles were published in the English language only. A large number of journals is contributed by the Netherlands International Journal of Biological Macromolecules with 193articles and 3886 citations.