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Vishakha & Sarangapni (2021). Growth in Global Research productivity of Virology literature over 10 years: A Scientometric Study. Library Philosophy and practice.


In order to expand upon the limited literature estimating the quantity and quality of worldwide research output in the field of virology, a bibliometric analysis was conducted for the period 2011-2020 using the web of science databases. The major focus was only growth perspective for example year wise productivity, Relative Growth rate, Annual growth rate, Compound growth rate, doubling time, Annual Ratio of growth, Exponential Growth rate, and Arithmetic mean over the years. It is found that India shared 2.46% of global publications. The RGR has been decreasing from 2012 (0.69) to 2020 (0.10) but other hand Doubling time increased from 1.01 in 2012 to 7.18 in 2020. By calculating the Exponential growth rate it is found that the highest growth rate was in the year 2013 with a 1.13 growth frequency.



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