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This study aims to evaluate the resources, services and system of TEVTA libraries in the Punjab. A total of 40 libraries are established in TEVTA colleges in Punjab. In order to evaluate these libraries, their physical, information resources, services, systems and staff was main considerations of this study.


This study was quantitative in nature; therefore, to achieve the objectives of this study a self-structured questionnaire was designed and distributed among the respondents. The data were collected from the librarians through an online questionnaire designed in Google forms. The collected data was analyzed through SPSS software version 21.


The findings of this study reveal that a majority of the TEVTA college libraries are really lacking in physical resources, information resources, technology, staff, funding and infrastructure. The libraries have limited printed collections which are mostly out dated. While the services which depend upon efficient resources are also not up to the mark. A vast majority of the libraries are operating manually and some of which are run by non-professional staff. A vast majority of these libraries are really lacking in computers, printed journals, magazines, eBooks collection, internet, Wi-Fi, access to E databases and HEC digital library. Moreover, insufficient library staff, unavailability of professional librarians and less attention of the higher management towards libraries are some major problems faced by the TEVTA libraries.


This study concludes that the overall condition of TEVTA college libraries is poor. A majority of the libraries are lacking in infrastructure facilities, information communication technology, information resources and services, staff and funding. Therefore, it is highly recommended that higher authorities should pay attention towards libraries. They should properly finance TEVTA libraries so that they may better manage and enhance their services and resources.