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Researchers, to conduct any bibliometric analysis prefer to retrieve publications data mostly from Elsevier’s Scopus or/and Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science (WoS) databases, though many other platforms/databases, i.e. Google Scholar, Dimensions, Crossref, PubMed, etc. are now available those are providing bibliographic data of publications. This study is based on the globally published literatures on research data management during 2000 – 2019 (20 years of duration) data extracted from the Scopus & Web of Science (WoS) databases and their Merged file. The analysis and results compares the similarity and differences in between Scopus & WoS, and further each one of them with the Merged file. The study reveals that around 32% of globally published literatures on research data management were indexed in both the Scopus and WoS databases. It compares both the sources in terms of parameters like annual literatures growth & trends, top authors production, authorship & collaboration pattern, most relevant sources & affiliations, country scientific production and international collaboration, etc. along with the merged file of both the datasets as well wherever possible.



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