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This inquiry analyzed ICT usage skills acquired by undergraduate students in universities in Imo State. The investigation was a survey. The population comprised two thousand seven hundred and seven (2707) undergraduate students in the two universities. This was based on the eight (8) departments from five (5) schools in FUTO and nine (9) departments from the nine (9) faculties in IMSU chosen out of the total number of schools/departments in the universities as at the study time. The departments were chosen based on the courses offered. The strata of final-year students were selected. This was because they were in the research class and mostly utilized ICT facilities for their research projects. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the population was chosen which gave a total sample size of six hundred and seventy-seven (677) final year undergraduate students. This consisted of 363 and 314 students from FUTO and IMSU respectively. Data were gathered through a researcher’s self-administered questionnaire. A total of six hundred and twenty (620) respondents duly completed the questionnaire which was collected by the researcher by hand. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, and frequency distributions. The findings showed that the students acquired basic ICT skills in computer, Internet, information, and media literacies mostly from business centers/cybercafes. Poor funding, the limited duration for use of available ICTs, and lack of appropriate facilities for teaching and learning were identified as significant issues associated with the acquisition of ICT skills by the undergraduate students. The study thus recommended that universities in Imo State should be properly funded to foster the acquisition of appropriate ICT facilities for optimal use by the students in their learning activities. This will make the students more knowledgeable in the usage of the facilities and consequently possess the requisite skills to use them.