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Microfinance is a powerful emerging instrument for the empowerment of women is, particularly for rural women. It provides small loans to poor people so that they can start their small business startup. The goal of the prompt research is to notice substantial contributors, existing refinements, fields and advocates for additional directions in the study area of Microfinance Institutions (MFI) and Women Empowerment. The bibliometrics, and network analysis (NA) has been performed on 395 documents recovered from the Scopus database to evaluate the research occurrences that have engaged a place on this subject. The study will serve as a fundamental foundation for understanding the concept of MFI and Women Empowerment, its recent footprints, and the direction wherein the research is progressing after observing the various viewpoints of the study such as initial data structures, bibliometric analysis, and network analysis. Unlike previous studies, this one used a combination of bibliometrics and network analysis to understand the intellectual structure (IS) and provide an all-encompassing outline of the research field.