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Summer 4-23-2021


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The ongoing outbreak of Corona virus Disease (COVID-19) compelled the world to begin a new way of life. Social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of it. Currently, the entire library system around the world is being closed, facing hard choices. Even at this drastic time, the library and its services cannot be completely closed. Libraries are to be reassigned and should reach out to users at the same time as respecting the rules and restrictions around social distancing. Social networking sites (SNSs) provide the library a new and exciting way to reach out to users. SNSs due to their popularity are globally used to exchange various kinds of information. This study was to assess and evaluate the use and awareness of library professionals and students to exchange and share library services during social distancing due to COVID-19 lockdown via SNSs in India. The outcome of the study suggested the necessity of SNSs in the library to exchange and share the services.