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Several of the impactful strategies for improving learning are through use of hypermedia. The use of hypermedia in research publications is projected to grow to continue increasing. This growth is also observed in the various fields of research. This research offers a bibliometric analysis of 1,224 articles on the use of hypermedia in learning, published in 443 scholarly outlets, written by 2,584 authors (240 single-authored documents and 2,344 multi-authored documents). The objective of this research is to identify the trending topic in hypermedia learning. We collected bibliographic data from the Scopus database and analyzed it using the Bibliometrix tool in R software and VOSviewer. Based on citation analysis metrics, we have defined the most influential articles, journals, authors, countries, and affiliations. Although keywords and terms are possibly the most relevant topics and results of the research, it is feasible that several of the significant trends and issues that have been discussed in the full text are insufficient from our study. Further, future research should analyze relevant research clusters for emerging trends on hypermedia learning.



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