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Summer 5-23-2021


The focussed survey analysed a reputed multidisciplinary Sage & IMI Delhi published management journal- GBR emphasising on Asian & Indian aspects articles of last 10 years through various Bibliometric indicators.


The research paper aims to analyse the research output of “Global Business Review” Journal during the period of 2011-2020. The SCOPUS (a product of Elsevier) multidisciplinary abstracting and citation database has been used to retrieve records. The raw bibliographic and citation retrieved data are analysed with bibliometrix R-package. Based on the retrieved data of “Global Business Review” research publication is analysed and interpreted. The performance of the annual scientific productions, most productivity countries, authors, Affiliations/Institutions –wise and citation reference is analysed. The findings reveal that total 1071 publications are there during the period of study, the most influential Affiliations International Management Institute, New Delhi with 70 publications and India with a highest share of 62.84% publications.