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This paper is an attempt to study the awareness and use of e-resources among the students at Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh, India. For the present study, survey method has been adopted using questionnaire as a data gathering tool. Copies of self designed questionnaire were distributed online through e-mail/WhatsApp to the 150 students during February-March, 2021. Out of total 150 administered questionnaires, 127 completely filled questionnaires were received back and found valid for analysis. The response rate is achieved @84.66 percent. The study revealed that more than 90 percent of the respondents were aware about the use of electronic resources and currently using in their academic and research work. About 46 percent of the respondents were preferred to use only e-resources, while 31 percent of the respondents were preferred to use both printed as well as e-resources equally. 93 percent of the respondents were using e-resources particularly to collect the information for paper publishing, while more than 95 percent respondents were satisfied with the use of e-resources in their academic and research related work. The study also found some problems faced by the respondents such as downloading speed, searching e-contents, and lack of ICT skills. Concluded with the suggestion that proper training programs should be organized on regular basis so that most of the students would learn how to search and use e-resources effectively in their academic and research work.



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