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This study presents an overview of the published research in the field of andragogy using bibliometric methods. Scopus database produced a list of 698 manuscripts that were cited 2383 times with an average of 3.41 citations per publication. More than 89% of Scopus-based research on andragogy was published in the English language while 61% of this research was published in form of journal articles. Proceeding papers followed the journal articles in preferred types of publication that researchers opted to published their research in. The University of Ottawa was the most active institution publishing the highest number of publications followed by the Kent State University and Cape Breton University, respectively. Adult Learning was the journal that published andragogical publications the most. Publications on andragogy increased slowly during the 20th century, however, a steady increase was observed during the last decade, from 2010 to 2020. Single authorship is the most common authorship pattern. The keywords analysis revealed that the term andragogy was most frequently used in the author-provided keywords. Most of the studies on andragogy have been carried out by the authors affiliated with the United States and the United Kingdom.