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This article provides an insight into the academic learning skills acquired by students in higher education institutions across the globe. A bibliometric study was designed to consolidate the published scholarship of the academic learning skills in the Web of Science indexed documents from 1981 to 2020. The data were extracted on March 18, 2021, at 06:54 AM, PST. A total of 964 publications were found using Biblioshiny, ScientoPy, VOSviewer, and MS Excel to extract data and preparation of figures. The study findings asserted that knowledge skill was the top topic, article as a type of documents, and the English language was used as majority published documents. Similarly, the data revealed that the published documents increased in number per year gradually, Al-Adawi S was the top author, Hacettepe Univ., Turkey top organization, United States top country, and education educational was indicated as a top research area of the published documents along with education as the top keyword. The FASEB Journal was reported as the top source of publication and the document of Hattie, J; Biggs, J; Purdie, N as the top by citation. Further, the tables and figures were presented to show the trend of data.