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As the backbone of the economy from various countries, SMEs use social media in their business activities. This study aims to determine trends and maps in social media and SMEs research from the Scopus database. This study uses bibliometric analysis on the Scopus database from 2009 to 2020. Social Media and SMEs search string use in titles, abstracts, keywords, and English article in the Scopus database. Further filtering by reading article content unrelated to SMEs to eliminate irrelevant articles. Search results were processed with VOSviewer software to acquire trends and co-occurrences of article keywords. A total of 210 articles were found from 2009-2020, with the number of publications increasing every year. The United Kingdom and the United States have a significant role in the article social media and SMEs on Scopus. Three cluster topics were found: the adoption of social media in SMEs, social media technology's role in SMEs innovation and entrepreneurship, and social networks' role in SMEs marketing.



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