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Summer 5-1-2021


All the authors have equal contributions to prepare this manuscript. There is no conflict of interest among the authors.


Introduction: Health science research focuses to generate new knowledge through new techniques, research design and organizational interventions to serve the whole community. The number of documents published during a stipulated time is measured as the research strength of the concerned institutions to judge their performance.

Objective: The prime aim of this study is to find the prominent Indian corporate medical institutions and analyze their scholarly outputs with justification of Bradford’s law.

Method: The authors choose 50 Indian corporate medical institutions to analyze their scholarly outputs during the studied period.

Discussion: The publication count, citations, h-index and citation per paper of the top 50 Indian corporate medical institutions are discussed with the help of textual and graphical formulation of Bradford’s law of scattering.

Conclusion: As the error percentage is very negligible, the Bradford’s law fits in this data set. The analysis identified 10 journals as the nucleus journals which are mostly referred by the researchers at Indian corporate medical institutions.