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Summer 5-17-2021


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Purpose: the Prime objective of this research is to examine the attitudes of Female Librarians towards the (SM) use of WhatsApp.

Design/methodology/approach: Quantitative research design and survey method were used where data have been collected using an online Google doc survey. A total of 31Female Librarians have participated in this study. All the participants were using WhatsApp and have created their own WhatsApp group. The collected data has been analyzed using SPSS and MS excel.

Findings of the study: the findings of the study revealed the majority of the Female Librarians were with 97% were having a degree of MLIS only 3% of them were having a degree of M.Phil. The majority of the female Librarians' age was between 26-30years with 63% .the research found that most of them were Librarians by designations with 81%. The study found that the female librarians were very well aware of WhatsApp. This study revealed the “development of LIS Pakistan” with (m.1.5484). The findings of the study revealed that female librarians were using Whatsapp to deliver “reference service” (m.1.4839). study findings found that all of them using WhatsApp for different purposes. The respondents answered the massive benefits of WhatsApp but on the other hand, they are facing issues while using WhatsApp with mostly “Disconnect” with (m.1.3871).

Social implications: The study's findings suggest that WhatsApp groups might be used as virtual venues for library professionals to share knowledge with their peers and friends. This social media platform assists librarians in quickly promoting their library's programs and resources.

Limitation of the study

The present study was limited to the Female Librarians who are working in Colleges Libraries of Balochistan.

Originality/value – The study's findings revealed that using WhatsApp groups to exchange news, opinions, and knowledge among LIS professionals can be beneficial. They use this medium to advertise their library services as well. The aim of this study was to look into the most important aspects of WhatsApp use among female librarians. The study's findings would be useful to librarians, information scientists, and LIS practitioners in Pakistan and elsewhere.