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Summer 5-3-2021


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The purpose of this study was to measure the number of contributions and highlight the contributions made by the researchers in the field of leprosy and published on the Web of Science database during 2010-2020 using scientometric analysis. Data were interpreted by using software such as Bibexcel, Vosviewer, and tabulated using MS Excel. The results indicated that 4544 papers were published during 2010 - 2020 and the highest number of publications 456 (10.03%) was produced in 2020. The trends in multi-authored papers have tremendously increased (89.28%) compared to (10.72%) single-authored papers. The relative growth rate (3.13) and degree of collaboration (0.89) is noted significantly and the highest no of papers (12.50%) was contributed by the collaboration of four authors and source wise most of the records were published an article 3063. It also noted that the value of the highest degree of collaboration was (0.92) in 2020. The Sarno EN author (114) contributed more numbers of papers in the domain of leprosy with Brazil (1173) being the country producing more research papers followed by India, the USA, and the UK. More than 500 papers had been published in Leprosy, Mycobacterium-Leprae, and Diagnosis. The study inferred that the rate of growth is relation by the year wise publications of leprosy research.